Black & White and Shades of Gray

Black & White and Shades of Gray juried by Linda Connor October 27 thru November 17, 2016 O’Hanlon Center for the Arts C.K.Itamura, Hadley Williams, Janet Greenwood, Joan Sadler, Nomi Schwarzschild, Zoe Borkowski, Mima Cataldo, Bernard Weiner, Heidi Hillenbrand, Richard Russo, Gary Yost, Cary James, Steven Johnides, Tina Kelly Green, Andy diSessa, Rhonda Dubin, Glenda […]


Walk by C.K.Itamura “Walk in the shoes of those who have little or nothing; SFPD Police Line Do Not Cross.” A life-size participatory diorama picture book as 1 bench, 6 boxes and 12 photographs with text. Find details … ead more. . . . . Photo by Michelle Feileacan Photography