Bay Area Women Artists

Bay Area Women Artists 2015

O’Hanlon Center for the Arts

Exhibition Jurors | Donna Seager & Suzanne Gray | Seager Gray Gallery

Cynthia Tom, Claudia Cohen, Marie Bergstedt, Victoria Ayres, Jamie Weinstein, Art by Bebe, Barbara Crow, Ani Jenkins, Betty Theodore, Anki Gelb, Carol Smith Myer, Caroline Creamer, Sandra Rubin, Jennifer Tatum, Sharon Paster, Rhonda Dubin, Deb Mindel, Phyllis Thelen, Diane Goldstein, Carin Garland, Cathryne Trachok, Lorraine Lawson, Diana Lee, Heidi Berrin Shonkoff, Jamie Weinstein, Sheri Armor, Susan Aulik, Ann O’Hanlon, Dorothy Nissen, Kate Zimmer, C.K.Itamura, Katy Kuhn, Cathy Coe, Irene Nelson, Abby Wasserman, Susan Proehl, Helen Scheuer Cohen, Pamela Mooney, Renee Owen, Nuala Creed, Susan Press






Photos by C.K.Itamura

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