Typography as Art

Press Democrat

“Why use letterpress when you can easily print books using Blurb or Lulu or any other app with an iPad, iPhone or laptop? The reason is this: In this fast-paced world, I could have 3,000 ‘friends’ on Facebook, Twitter and other online platforms, but it’s the one, two or 10 who take quality time to sit down over tea that matter in the end. So why not take the time to handset type, and print 10 copies of a book, or perhaps just one?” Read more…

C.K.Itamura, Artist

“It’s a really great method of printing. We’re not treating the medium as a quaint antique that we’re rescuing. It’s not competitive with commercial printing whatsoever. That means it’s free for us to use as we wish, and that means experimenting with the kinds of typefaces we can get this way.” Read more…

Eric Johnson, Iota Press




Photo of type at Iota Press by John Burgess, Press Democrat

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