This Place | The Sweetest Little Fair

Gravenstein Apple Fair 2014

Deep in the heart of wine country.

Hush puppies, pickles, apple pie ice cream, batik, honeycomb, bow tie, artisan, eat pie, bubbles, cow, cool cooler coolest, duo, juice, meeting, teamwork, taking a walk, a box, “The Sweetest Little Fair“.




Photos by C.K.Itamura


  1. We too are deep in the heart of the wine country but in the south of France. There are frequent such markets and even smaller weekly markets. Today there was an impromptu market in the square as a local producer brought fresh vegetables and fruits which he had in abundance as well as local honey. For me, it is the way to shop! Nice post!

    1. South of France and Sonoma County, California are either twins or cousins living just a continent apart. Surrounded by farms, both provide a delightful cornucopia of fruits, cheese, meats and vegetables. Of course there are the wines, ciders, brews and baked goods too. πŸ™‚

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