SOFA [South of A Street] Arts District





3 Cakes




The SOFA [South of A Street] Arts District is the neighborhood where Peach Farm Studio is based. SOFA is a quiet, unassuming place full of hidden artists’ studios. There are approximately 40 artist studios within a one-block area here, hidden in back alleys, warehouses, garages, attics and lofts. Intriguing art galleries, informative people, imaginative restaurants and other colorful establishments round out the neighborhood. A wonderful community thrives here.

These photo+graphics by Peach Farm Studio were prepared to help promote our neighborhood.

Photos from top to bottom feature:

  • The Spinster Sisters, a favorite food and wine spot (and evidence of The Mysterious Knit Bomber)
  • Gallery 300‘s mailbox collage outside the gallery, hints at the thought provoking art awaiting inside the gallery
  • A neighbors mailbox displaying community support
  • A lovely purple wall and charming green cactus from a few doors down the street
  • Three tasty treats from the neighborhood’s innovative, community-centric and always cheerful baking crew at Criminal Baking Co. & Noshery
  • The community spirited window of the brilliantly creative and fabulously friendly folks at Tibidabo Photography
  • The “coffee is ready” signal belonging to the hidden community gem of a coffee house, Atlas Coffee
  • Roses at the whimsical Jam Jar Studio, around the corner, provided by the graces at Papillon Floral Design



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