Lemons. Attack. Studio.

Lemons. Attack. Studio. Photo (c) 2012 Peach Farm Studio.

We are being invaded by lemons and can’t get any work done. The only way we know how to rid ourselves of this lemon infestation is to eat them. Instead of getting any studio work done today, we’re working on capturing these pesky creatures (and more that are coming in the doors and windows!) and turning them into lemon sorbet, lemon curd and lemonade.

Stay tuned for recipes (our style)!


    1. Absolutely! It was 85 degrees here today — looks like we’re skipping the rest of spring and jumping straight to summer. “Waiter, some ice cubes in that lemonade, please.” 😀

  1. Great photo. I wish meyer lemons would invade my house! I’m thinking of making limoncello with them, but can’t figure out if I should add thyme or not and.. how to handle that part… hmm.

    1. Off camera, there are another dozen sharpies that are part of the Sharpie Gang. 15 Sharpies are rather intimidating. Thank goodness no altercations between the two gangs occurred today — that could have been quite messy!

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