Tomato. Planting. Time.

Tomato. Planting. Time. Photo (c) 2012 Peach Farm Studio.

We planted six varieties of tomato plants,Β  few tomatillos and a some spinach this week. We’ll be adding eggplant (Aubergine), peppers, beans, zucchini (Georgette) and maybe some blue potatoes to the garden soon. As for fruits, we’re working on drawing some illustrations for a delightful project that involves Santa Rosa Plums, Freestone Peaches, Bloomsdale Spinach and White Blackberries.

Stay tuned for a tasty, juicy summer!

11 responses to “Tomato. Planting. Time.

  1. Homegrown tomatoes—one of my favorite things! Have some planted already also and can’t wait ’til summer harvest! Good to have you visit again…thanks.

  2. We’re starting out tomatoes from seed, but nothing has popped up yet:/

    The broccoli and swiss chard and Brussels sprouts are looking might healthy, though!

    White… blackberries. Hmm, the ultimate in a contradiction of terms:D

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