Inspiration #112. Ripe. Time.

Inspiration #112. Ripe. Time. Photo (c) 2012 Peach Farm Studio.

Inspiration #112 comes from being in the ripe 
place at the ripe time. 
© 2012 Peach Farm Studio. All rights reserved.

6 responses to “Inspiration #112. Ripe. Time.

    • Thanks! Yes, we make them up. All the inspirations we post are genuinely inspired by the object in the photo. Here’s how usually it happens: we come across an object during the course of our day and take a photo of it. Sometimes the objects are ordinary, everyday objects, others are not so commonplace. Then we look at the photo, become oddly inspired by it, then jot the inspirational thought directly onto this blog. (As you can see, we are often inspired by cupcakes for some mysterious reason. 😉 ) Then the lingering inspiration becomes our working ‘theme of the day’ around the studio.

  1. In Atelier Cézanne, the master always kept a basket of apples in various stages of ripeness. To this day, those that care for Cézanne’s studio keep that basket filled with fruit in each stage of ripeness. Today it is still one of the most magical memories for me. You could feel his presence.


    • Thank you for sharing this beautiful, simple tribute! We keep seasonal fruits on hand in a couple of pedestal bowls. They are great subjects to draw or photograph. They also make great snacks and help to satisfy sudden urges to bake bake a pie, tart or tea bread in the middle of the day.

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