The TYPEWRITER Art and Poetry Project

(NEW!) The TYPEWRITER Art and Poetry Project. Photo (c) 2012 Peach Farm Studio.

Welcome to the TYPEWRITER Art and Poetry Project!

This project has ended. Thank you for your interest. Watch for more projects coming soon!

24 responses to “The TYPEWRITER Art and Poetry Project

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  4. Of course, I’d like to participate in this project. I’ve adopted two lovely typewriters in the past year, the elder of the two currently spending some time convalescing on the workbench in a friend’s motel room/home (he also builds remarkable birdhouses on that bench). Will get back soon with something of a physical nature. Thanks for inspiring.

    • Hi David. Wonderful! Thank you and you are welcome. We are looking forward to your participation. Meanwhile, nice of you to *adopt* those typewriters. Good to know they have gone to good homes where they will be fed ideas on a regular basis and thrive. Well wishes and speedy recovery to the one on the workbench.

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  9. I will be participating in โ€œThe Typewriter Art and Poetry Projectโ€ by creating a piece of typewriter-inspired art. This is going to be so much fun!

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  11. I am enjoying the typewriters. It makes me think of the big old black one my grandfather brought with from England when he brought his family over to Canada. As a child, it sat in the back of a closet. When alone, I would sneak it out and experiment! It was as if I was handed a magic wand!

    • It certainly seems like you’ve got the making of a magical children’s story there: on a trip to visit grandparents, a small child finds an magical, prophetic typewriter hidden in the back of grandpa’s closet. Soon enough, the child learns that anything typed on it would come true! Chocolate, a new toy, a horse! On nights, when the house is quiet, the Typewriter itself types mysterious messages of things that will happen in the future! Oooooh! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • NOTE: If you write this story and turn it into a book, please send us an autographed copy. We will look for it on the list of Caldecott Award Winners next year! ๐Ÿ˜€

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