Peek #3: Roots & Blues

Peek #3. Roots & Blues. Photo (c) 2011 Peach Farm Studio.

PEEK #3.

This is Peek #3 of a small section of the “Roots & Blues” limited edition poster, by Peach Farm Studio © 2011 Peach Farm Studio.


Six different inks were custom mixed for this poster. Take a peek at the inks and how we mixed them by clicking here and here.


This 14″ (width) by 20 ” (length) poster was printed on Canson Edition 100% Cotton, Acid Free, Chlorine Free, Archival, 250gsm Printmaking and Watercolor Paper. All prints in this edition have one deckled edge.


The type for this poster was completely set by hand using 12 different old wood and metal typefaces.


Stay tuned to this blog for more “Peek #” at this uniquely designed and executed poster, more detailed information about it and for “Peek #” at other pieces of our work that we will post regularly.

To see Peek #1 click here.

To see Peek #2 click here.

Coming soon: Peek #4!

4 responses to “Peek #3: Roots & Blues

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  2. The layering of text and individual letters can be such a satisfying way of building visual imagery that itself comments on the content of the text!

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