Chocolate. Milky. Coal.

Chocolate. Milky. Coal. Photo (c) 2011 Peach Farm Studio.

Although we are finally, once again on the path to longer daylight hours, the chill remains in the air and so too does our desire for hot chocolate and staying warm. These wintery desires are the inspiration for the Chocolate Milk and Milky Coal colored inks we mixed and used on the second and third pass, respectively, of Roots and Blues through the Vandercook press this week.

Now, with the presswork finally completed, we’ll make ourselves some hot chocolate to celebrate!

Roots and Blues, limited edition 14″x 20″ handset letterpress prints by Peach Farm Studio, were printed using a combination of soy based Reflex Blue, soy based Pantone Warm Red, soy based NAGraphics White and oil based Silver inks, as well as oil based #875 Gold and Dyanaset Process Black inks.

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