Something. So. Satisfying.

Something. So. Satisfying. Photo (c) 2011 Peach Farm Press.

No, we can’t quite put our finger on it. Yes, it is hard to describe. There is something so immensely satisfying about intensely working on a project from beginning to end — brainstorming and sketching, writing and designing, adjusting and aligning, setting and blocking, padding and inking, proofing and proofreading – and finally, after everything is cleaned up and put away, having the opportunity to sit and appreciate the final print while drinking a cup of tea and smiling quietly.

Trapped in Corners, Stuck, (typeset partially shown in photo) the third and final broadside of the Talking to the Walls broadside trilogy series, which includes Talking to the Walls and A Koen Moment, was printed today on the Vandercook press. All three broadsides in the limited edition trilogy were set entirely by hand in Baskerville 12 pt and Baskerville Italic 12 pt type where applicable and Copperplate 6 pt type, set by hand was used for the colophons.

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