Yes. Typesetting. Zen.

Yes. Typesetting. Zen. Photo (c) 2011 Peach Farm Studio.

Photopolymer plates? No.

No. It is not ridiculous to stand on a rubber mat day by day, hour after hour, picking out tiny pieces of lead case by case, drawer by drawer, slug by slug, letter by letter, em by em, en by en, and paper thin slivers of brass and copper to wedge between. No. It is not ridiculous. It is not a waste of time.

This is Zen — handset Zen.

“A Koen Moment” (shown in photo, partially set) limited edition handset letterpress broadside prints, printed on Arches Watercolor Cold Press Natural White 90 LB 185 GSM paper, are printed with Midori Nori colored ink. “A Koen Moment” is one of the broadsides from the “Talking to the Walls” collection of poems printed by Peach Farm Studio.

9 responses to “Yes. Typesetting. Zen.

  1. My dad was a typesetter! He had a printing business. He has been retired for many years, but he still keeps his studio. As children, me and my sisters sometimes got to help in the studio. The touch of the paper, how to handle it, the smell of the ink, the correct thickness, the lead characters. My dad even still has tons of old very old wooden block letter types!

  2. A Koen Moment is going on the Vandercook this coming Wednesday. For the ink, all of the broadsides in the “Talking to the Walls” collection are using the same ink color recipe (today I’ll post more on this topic).

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